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Name:Johnathan Crane
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Johnathan Crane is a 30 something mental health professional with the mentality of a 60 something professor. He lives in a Northern city whose population is largely made up of students and the result of a large insane asylum just outside the city limits closing down and releasing its contents into the community several decades ago.

He studied English Literature, Philosophy, and Literary Research at University and entirely failed to do anything with the two degrees he earned for ten years, during which time he ran a theatre company, drank entirely too much vodka, was in several bands, and discovered a somewhat unhealthy interest in the science of fear. Now sober and off the stage, though still playing bass, he has gone so far as to dignify his interest in giving people the heebie-jeebies In The Name Of Science by giving it the title of 'Demiology' - Well, it's better than 'Phobostics' which he also kicked around.

Johnathan lives in the shadow of an abandoned factory and once worked in a converted mansion that reeked of insanity and incontinence. This delightful habitat is shared with his partner - a psychotic purple-wearing package of punk-rock perfection - and a vast number of books. In his spare time he enjoys finding more work to be doing, taking obscenely long baths, and proving that geeks who know martial arts are not to be toyed with.

(And yes, he's a major Scarecrow fanboy. Despite that, not a word of what goes above is a lie or exageration.)
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